Jimmy Drucker’s Tale

Jimmy Drucker is a 25-year-old girl. Who lives alone in 560P in the Heavens apartment situated in Paradise Valley of London. She is a practicing Psychiatrist. Also, She’s a renowned consulting counselor in London for those who are in need of any life lessons or advice on things related to their life troubles. Jimmy belongs to a good family. Her parents Mr.Jim Drucker and Mrs. Emily Drucker are well-established lawyers in Birmingham and She is their only child. Jimmy is a very glamorous girl with short curly black-brown hair, eyes colour blue, and height 5’5″ tall and she is really bright.

It’s the 24th of November 2012, Jimmy, after winding up her all tasks of the day and finished having supper going to the bed. Suddenly, there came a loud bang on the doorsteps.

“Who’s there? Wait for a moment, you nerd.” exclaimed, Jimmy.

She ran holding a knife to unlock the door and find facing a girl nearly of her age, long straight hair, height nearly 5’3″, wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans.

“Hey, I’m Summer Johnson, From Washington, D.C.” Summer said skeptically looking at the knife.

I came here to consult you. If you don’t mind can I step in? She continued.

Throwing the knife away from the sight “Feel yourself home” said Jimmy with a grin, giving her space to enter and closing the door behind her.

“Please have a seat,” said Jimmy leading her to the chair and placing some cookies and juice on the table by the chair. And adjusted herself in the chair overlooking  her.

“So, How can I help you, Miss. Johnson? I hope there should be some valid reasons for you to show up like this.” asked Jimmy.

“Blimey, please forgive me for this behaviour. Actually, I have come here travelling all the way from Washington, D.C. just to meet you. My friend Karein recommends me to visit you”.

” Alright then, What’s it?” mumbled Jimmy

“I’m 21 years old and don’t want to get married. I want to concentrate on My ambitions..em..to be a good singer. Since I’m 4, I’ve been taking My singing lessons and I’m doing great. I believe in living with My own identity and not just as being someone else’s spouse. Just like you. Alone, living with complete freedom without any kind of attachment and a well-established profession. Aren’t you happy just being yourself? “

She further continues” My parents don’t agree with My this Idea. They say it’s absurd and if I don’t marry they won’t keep any relations with me and not let me be the legal heir of their possessions.” Summer explained.

” Well, I’m indeed very happy being Myself. Nevertheless, I’m lucky to have parents who’ve always understood me. Don’t feel low on your part as you don’t know that you are not the first one to come to me with this matter.” Jimmy said.

She picked up her mobile phone and dial-up a number…Almost Whispered something on-call. After having a conversation, She puts the Mobile Phone at the same place from where she’d picked it up.

“Now, tell me, what is the situation of your parents?” Jimmy asked very firmly.

“I told My parents if they let me visit London on a holiday, then I might agree with them. And I haven’t travelled all alone but with My family. You know, holidays with Family. We have checked-in in the Royal Hotel Of London. We arrived here at Nine pm. I dropped all suitcases behind in the hotel and came all the way to meet you. After all, that’s the main purpose of seeing you.” She Specified.

“Yes, I got you. I know what I’m up to. We will catch up tomorrow in the morning at the Royal Hotel around nine am and there we’ll have breakfast tomorrow. Where you will introduce me to your parents as your pen-pal. live everything on me, okay with this.” Jimmy suggested.

“No, I mean that’s good but I have already told them you are My friend and I’m coming to meet you here today and spending the night with you.” Summer said utterly.

“Are you seriously a nerd or what? I literally don’t mean to hurt your emotions or be rude. Nonetheless, you are behaving like some sort of dumbhead. How could you give your words to someone without even taking My consent?. Jimmy said breathlessly.

“Never mind, Now please definitely feel yourself home. There is another room right next to the table lamp. You can accommodate yourself there. Perhaps Comfortably…At least you could have informed me before! Now, please don’t say you weren’t able to get My mobile no. But My address.” Jimmy said abruptly.

“Yep,  sorry for the inconvenience, and also, thank you for offering me to stay. But, suddenly I remember that I got to go. As you know I was so eager to meet you that I didn’t even bother to bring anything with me. So, ideally, I must go on.”  Summer said with a smile and somewhere feeling a bit of guilt in her tone.

After Summer departed, Jimmy without taking any other the seconds fell on her only bed. Thinking deeply about the matter and slowly falling into sleep.

The very next morning Jimmy arrived at the Royal Hotel at ten to nine am. And She was astonished by seeing at the sight of Mr and Mrs.Johnson along with Summer waiting for her arrival.

Jimmy bowed to Mr. And Mrs. Johnson and hand-over them a bouquet of lavender.

“Thanks for these lovely flowers, Miss Drucker. Mr. Johnson and I were very anxious to meet you from the time Our Little girl mentioned you.” Said Mrs. Johnson with pleasure.

“Well, thank you for your kind words, Mrs. Johnson. I wonder, you both won’t mind if My couple of friends will join us for today’s breakfast.” Jimmy said with a little temptation.

“Not at all, you and your friends are always welcome.” indicated Mr. Johnson.

As soon as Mr.Johnson finished his sentence, Jimmy’s Four friends arrived at the moment.

Summer seems flabbergasted at the sight of the pals. One of the girls who introduced herself as Meg was almost near the age of 37 years. However, another girl who is known as Lily is about 30 years old. And the other two boys Justin and Gary are 27 and 45 years old.

They all headed towards the dining room of the hotel. Where all of them settle themselves on the chairs of the bistro table. Where they busted into a good conversation about their lives and what professions they follow and friendly talk. Where Mrs. Johnson comes to know that Jimmy and her friends are not married and aren’t interested in tying the knot.

Also, without even that, they are so delighted and living with intense pleasure. And Cornered Mr. Johnson for a little while in between the breakfast.

” I’m not going to pressurize My only daughter, just for the sake of showing our community. I’m not going to lead her down to get some pride by letting her get married. Look at all of these youngsters, they have so well-established their careers and have a great identity of their own in the Society.” whispered Mrs. Johnson to Mr. Johnson.

“You are absolutely right, we have just been orthodoxy and kind of selfish. For our dignity, we were ready to put her life at stake.” Said Mr. Johnson with utmost stigma.

They resumed their breakfast and took more career advice for her daughter related to the music industry. From Jimmy, her friends, and Summer. Summer wasn’t understanding what was going on. Yet, she looks quite satisfactory and hoping for something good.

“It was a great day and the best breakfast of My life with you all. But, it’s probably the time now for us to leave now. Hope we all will meet soon like this.” Jimmy Said and her friends agreed to her.

They all left together in a Cab.

The following morning there was again a loud bang on her door and Jimmy again leaving her Morning tea behind on a table. Moves to open the door and once again find Summer standing with great joy on her doorsteps. Jimmy knew that it was coming. She welcomes her with huge gratification.

” I don’t know how to thank you for this one.” Summer exclaimed with happiness.

” Well, just pay the payment. That’s how other people thank me.” Jimmy said frankly.

“Oh of course, but that is your fee. I didn’t have any idea about how to thank you. So, I got this for you as a present. And sorry, I know you understood why I came here again. That’s the first thing I expected to say that My parents are on My side. Nonetheless, you got that, So no regrets.” Summer said with great excitement.

Summer handover the small wrapped gift box to Jimmy.

“Thanks for this special treatment. I’ll always remember you for this one.” Said Jimmy with heavy emotions.

Jimmy unwrapped the gift and opened the box. And find a beautiful diamond bracelet. Jimmy looked at the magnificent gift and hugged Summer and the two also became good friends. Summer promises to visit her every time when she will be coming to London.

….and like this, life continues…..   

                                        –Jagruti Singh

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